Today’s Wolves Are Wise and Friendly

Coyotes and Jackrabbits get most of the attention in southern South Dakota, but Wolves rule the North Country; they, of course, are the mascots of Northern State University, a picturesque and interesting campus. NSU has an international flavor due to a concerted effort to create diversity; its 3,600 students represent 50 different countries. An International Sculpture Garden on the commons features the graceful figurines of Tuan Nguyen, a noted artist who escaped to the U.S. after the Vietnam War. Other sculptures on the tree-shaded campus include: a likeness of Cecil E. Harris, a Northern grad and a celebrated World War II Navy ace; and another of Father Robert Haire, who was suspended from the ministry due to his political involvement (though the Pope, no less, reinstated him). Father Haire is considered the father of the initiative and referendum process, which he saw as a check on elected officials.

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