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In 2019, Brookings made the list at #7 for Most Arts Vibrant Communities in the United States.


Brookings is home to the famous SDSU Dairy Bar where you can witness the cow-to-cone ice cream process.


This animal-loving community has several pet-friendly hotels and local businesses.

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The Cookies and Cream Dream

“We have never heard so many compliments on a product,” Seas wrote of the experiment. “The fame of Oreo-flavored ice cream spread like a fire going through a dry grass field.”

Today there’s uncertainty over who gets credit for creating the flavor. Some people believe Cookies and Cream was invented at an ice cream shop in an Oregon mall. Others think it originated in Massachusetts. But students and faculty at SDSU take pride in their piece of Cookies and Cream history.

Brookings’ Rhubarb King

Sanderson is always searching for new rhubarb to transplant, and he takes a note- book with him to record the histories of each plant. “If you could follow their history far back enough,” Sanderson says, “you would find all of our rhubarb came from England or the Nordic countries.”

Children’s Museum

Brookings is home to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, a destination for children of all ages. Anybody from toddlers to teens and older will enjoy the games and exercises in the beautifully restored 1936 school building in downtown Brookings.

Burgers, Bells, Blooms and Brews

Our first stop was Nick’s Hamburger Shop, a Brookings institution since 1929. The friendly waitress slipped us each a tank-fried Nickburger on a square of waxed paper. As we munched, we watched locals leave with sacks full of the meaty sandwiches. “This is lunch and dinner,” said one.

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