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Wylie Park is the region’s biggest park made up of 200 acres complete with a lake, trails, playgrounds, a zoo and Storybook Land.

Aberdeen’s new city library has won not one but two architectural awards and is a place kids dream of.

The Brown County Fairgrounds become a city of its own during fair week. Each year an estimated quarter of a million people visit the fair.

Welcome to Aberdeen!

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Baum’s Aberdeen Oz Was a Baseball Diamond

Baum believed Aberdeen would embrace such a business, for it was no one-horse prairie pothole. The Hub City was progressive — there were 20 hotels, a library, four restaurants and a half-dozen newspapers in town. Electric light service and telephones were available. With the addition of Baum’s store, Aberdeen had everything a civilized town might want or need.

A Creative Utopia in Aberdeen

There’s something different about Aberdeen. This off-highway town of 28,000 or so, built on a swampy, windswept lowland by the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad, hasn’t just survived the overall decline of the rural, Midwestern railroad town. The Hub City still thrives, and not just economically.

My Day at the Track

I learned two things at the racetrack that day. Horseracing cannot simply be a hobby. Once it’s in your blood, you live it every hour of every day. That’s true for hundreds of jockeys, owners, trainers, handicappers and fans that pack the grandstands.

And the old adage is true. A fool and his money are soon parted.

Our Hub City

Aberdeen earned the nickname Hub City in 1911 because four major railroads operated there. The old train depot at Main Street and Railroad Avenue still houses Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, but art, shopping, and health care now make up some of the spokes on Aberdeen’s hub.

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