A City Where Cold Is Cool

Aberdonians never apologize for the weather. Yes, it’s colder here than some places; that’s part of the culture and it’s celebrated. An Aberdeen journalist once noted that there are advantages — such as you don’t worry about whether an activity is cancelled due to cold because it never happens. Folks just don a sweater. Here are a few ways to enjoy winter: l) Schedule your trip around the enchanting Snow Queen Festival in early January, where candidates from 38 towns are honored. The theme: “In every woman there is a queen.” 2) Explore nearby Sand Lake Refuge; the snow geese are gone, but Arctic snowy owls, eagles and other wildlife winter there. 3) Trails for cross-country skiing are groomed within the city limits, and skis can be rented for a few dollars at Manor Park. 4) On a winter evening, attend an Aberdeen Wings hockey game. The Wings are a winning team with the best attendance in the North American Hockey League because, remember, the weather stops no one in Aberdeen.

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