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Crazy Horse Memorial, the world’s largest mountain carving in progress, is just 5 miles north of Custer.

Black Hills gold was first discovered in 1874 where the city of Custer now stands.

Custer sits in the middle of 1.2 million acres of beautiful Black Hills National Forest.

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Custer’s Four Seasons

Custer State Park in the southwestern Black Hills is a place of superlatives. South Dakota’s first and largest state park boasts one of the largest publicly-held herds of wild American Bison in the world. The scenery is also some of the best you will find in our state.

Dinosaurs and Big Art

Where else would I find a shrine to Fred and Wilma Flintstone, complete with a full-size replica of Bedrock City? The town has preserved the handiwork and legend of Wilber Todd, builder of Custer’s first stone jail. He used the money paid to him for the construction to get drunk and rowdy and became his jail’s first occupant.

Explorers of an Unseen World

Compact and strong, both Conns could wriggle through spaces sometimes only eight inches wide for long distances. They came to live for the magic words, “It goes!” meaning they’d found a passage extending deep into the black unknown. Jewel Cave, it turned out, goes farther than anyone dreamed 40 years ago.

Land of Infinite Variety

Custer State Park includes a landscape perhaps more diverse than any other in the state or region, with Black Hills forest, deciduous trees, rolling prairies and granite spires.

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