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The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in Hill City, one of the nation’s top T. rex research centers, is home to a full T. rex fossil named “Stan”.

10,000. That’s how many Teddy bears call Hill City home at Teddy Bear Town.

Don’t leave your bestie behind! Hill City is one of the most dog-friendly communities around.

Welcome to Hill City!

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Improving With Age

Sandi Vojta became a fifth-generation winemaker at the age of four when she experimented with yeast and fermentation. Her dad would take her out to pick chokecherries for wine, tying a piece of twine with a pail attached around her waist so she could pick berries with both hands.

Walnut Pie Among the Pines

Hear an early-morning clamor in the kitchen of Desperados? Don’t be alarmed. It’s just Connie Heddles, the baker, crushing walnuts for a favorite Southern Hills pie. “She beats the walnuts with a mallet,” laughs restaurant owner Dan Dickey. “She says she can take out her frustrations while she’s working.”

The Original Badger Hole

The Badger Hole is missing! The cabin home of the cowboy poet, Badger Clark, located in Custer State Park has been demolished! No, it has not been demolished, it has been moved. But where? And why? Rumors are flying about the former home of beloved cowboy poet, Badger Clark, and it’s time to take the wraps off the mystery.

Eight Over Seven

Our Black Hills are gentle mountains. You don’t need ropes, axes and harnesses to tackle even our highest peaks. And most are climbable even in winter. South Dakota has eight peaks that stand 7,000 feet or taller in elevation. Rapid City journalist Seth Tupper wrote about them in 2017, and his reports seem to have inspired a new challenge for hikers, bikers and runners to do all eight.

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