Walnut Pie and Other Culinary Surprises

When you run a restaurant between the Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorials, it needs to be special. That’s why there’s a legendary walnut pie recipe at Desperadoes (which operates in the oldest hand-hewn log building in the Hills). Alpine Inn, a popular steakhouse located in an 1886 hotel, serves a European lunch menu that is streamlined in the evening (meaning only ribeye steak and a vegetarian primavera).  Mangiamo’s, a new pizzeria at the curve on Main, is already known for its artisan wood-fired pizza and pasta. Just south of town, a local haunt called the Silver Dollar Saloon serves burgers and homemade pizzas from an old CCC barracks that was a zoo in the 1950s. One day the lion attacked a zookeeper and was shot. When the Silver Dollar replaced the zoo, a lady from far away called to say that she had the lion (mounted by a taxidermist). She wondered if he could come home. Sure, said the bartender. All was forgiven. You’ll see him by the patio.

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