Brookings Dining: College Pizza & Much More

You expect good pizza and craft beers in a college town, and you won’t be disappointed. Brookings also has other interesting eateries, most notably Nick’s Hamburger Shop, a tradition on Main Street since 1929. When Nick’s shared space with a barber shop, seating consisted of a row of stools. Nick’s tiny burgers steadily gained a bigger and bigger following, and the barber has now moved to make table space. When SDSU alums return to campus, most make a pilgrimage to Nick’s. Another golden oldie is Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge, which started as a gas station on the south end of Main Street in 1949 and developed into a family diner with South Dakota favorite dishes (hot beefs, pheasant salad wraps, bison burgers) and a Norwegian waffle brunch on weekends. Cook’s Kitchen (304 Main Avenue) is the kind of comfort food diner that Corporate America can’t seem to duplicate. Another favorite is the slightly mis-named George’s Pizza, run for 50 years by members of the Theodosopoulus family who, of course, specialize in delicious Greek foods like gyros, baklava and pasta.

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