Can I Actually Climb a Mountain?

The cool thing about the Black Hills is that the mountains are approachable; even the biggest can be climbed by anyone in reasonable health.  Eight peaks stand 7,000 feet or taller, and doing all eight has become a new challenge for local mountaineers.  A Rapid Citian biked and hiked to the eight tops in 15 hours, but we recommend taking your own sweet time.  Good shoes and plenty of water are key.  The “Eight Over Seven” include Terry Peak, Crooks Tower, Crows Nest Peak, Green Mountain, Odakota Mountain, Sylvan Peak and (the tallest) Black Elk Peak.  Another opportunity is Crazy Horse Mountain, which hosts volksmarches to the top of the colossal carving on the first weekend of June and the last weekend of September.  More than 15,000 people have participated in past years, making it the largest organized hike in America.

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