Marvelous Murals and Other Art Discoveries

Huron’s outdoor heritage has inspired a major mural project. Drive through the downtown district and you’ll discover two dozen huge outdoor paintings by several regional muralists. The murals represent the city’s most visible arts endeavor, but they are just one of many. Campbell Park along Highway 37 (Dakota Avenue) is the site of Thursday night concerts from June to August that have the feel of a Norman Rockwell-style community gathering. Music is appreciated here; community bands also perform in the park during the summer months, and South Dakota’s only community symphony orchestra has several performances a year. Also, walk to the south side of the Crossroads Hotel and you’ll find a larger-than-life bronze of a prairie woman titled Spirit of Dakota. It was created in 1987 by the celebrated artist Dale Lamphere, now lauded for his 50-foot Dignity sculpture that stands near Chamberlain.

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