Diners: Have You Tried ‘The Mike?’

Corporate restaurants prefer to locate in larger cities, which fortunately leaves Huron with a mix of sports bars that feature great burgers, true Mexican cafes and other culinary treasures not to be found anywhere else. Ryan’s Hangar Restaurant in the Crossroads Hotel is a family-run diner that started years ago in the airport hangar near town (locals love the “all you can eat” Thursday crab legs and Friday baby back ribs). Manolis Grocery, run by a family of the same name since 1921, is a local hangout that creates amazing bagel sandwiches like “The Mike.” A tiny breakfast nook called Coney Island Café is a favorite of anyone who can find it, and coffee aficionados recommend the soups and sandwiches at Don’t Spill the Beans. We’ve only scratched the surface; every Huron eatery has a story and a specialty so ask around and tell us what you find.

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