Enjoy a Taste of the Hutterite Culture

Five hundred years ago, an Anabaptist sect of Christians split from the Swiss Reformed Church in Europe. The Hutterites suffered persecution and even executions in medieval Europe, so when the Dakotas were opened to homesteaders they bravely re-settled on the Northern Plains. Typically, a dozen or more families live together in a bruderhofe (communal colony), working as farmers and craftsmen. More than 50 colonies exist in South Dakota, including several near Huron. Some colonies welcome guests for special bake sales or other events, though COVID-19 has interrupted that tradition. You can still enjoy a taste of the Hutterite culture at two retail stores in Huron — The Colony Shop & More (1161 Lincoln SW) and Wyshbone Market (325 Market St.). The latter is a branch of Dakota Provisions, a large Hutterite-owned meat-packing plant located on Huron’s east side. Both shops sell homemade pies, meats, cheeses, garden produce in season and craft items. Colony leaders note that the recipes and procedures have been practiced and perfected throughout their 500-year history.

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