Gateway to Scenic Roadways

Keystone is the northern gateway to the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, heralded as one of America’s most scenic and historic roadways. The route was chosen by Norbeck, a U.S. senator who championed Mount Rushmore. When engineers told Norbeck the terrain was too rugged for roads, he personally walked the forest, looking for possible paths and the best scenery. Depart Keystone to the south on Highway 16-A and you’ll encounter Iron Mountain Road, a captivating series of pigtails, stone tunnels, dips, climbs and hairpin curves. It leads to the heart of Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop. Depart Keystone to the west on Highway 244 and watch for a parking lot just beyond Mount Rushmore’s main entrance, where you’ll find an amazing profile of Washington in stone. Proceed on Highway 244 for unusual camping, hiking and picnic spots. Soon you’ll come to Highway 87, which leads to more tunnels, pigtails, Black Elk Peak, Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park. Get a map. Norbeck’s roads are so crooked that it’s easy to confuse north and south.

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