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Mount Rushmore

Keystone was originally built as a “men only” gold mining camp, and was later home to the men who carved Mount Rushmore.

Moccasin Springs

Find a bit of serenity as you soak in the natural hot springs at Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa.

horsedrawn wagon

Saddle up or take a backseat in a horse-drawn covered wagon as your authentic chuckwagon dinner cooks over a campfire.

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Iron Mountain Road

His road squeezes through three stone tunnels, spirals down three pigtail bridges and winds round and round to the 5,445-foot summit where a small parking lot allows visitors to get out from behind the wheel and enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains, including Mount Rushmore.

Winter in Keystone

Winter has arrived in Keystone. Life in the busiest tourist town in the West slows to a crawl. The three-hour parking limit seems superfluous on the empty road called Winter Street. Yes, you can almost feel a community-wide sigh of relief as the 327 full-time residents catch their collective breath.

Slight of Hand

Nowhere in the book’s 416 pages of narrative, photographs, bibliography and index will you read the name Luigi Del Bianco, a classically trained Italian artist specifically recruited by Borglum to be the monument’s chief carver from 1933 to 1940.

Chainsaw Masterpieces

When Jarrett Dahl looks at a log, he sees more than just a log. He sees into the log. Possibilities lurk — like woodland creatures yearning to be freed from timber prisons, by sharknadoes of razor-sharp Husqvarna teeth.

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