Plan on Four Meals a Day

That’s the only way a visitor could begin to discover the huge mix of eateries in Rapid City. We counted around three dozen in the downtown area alone, not including fast food places (which should be counted because Hardee’s biscuits are that good.) Where to begin? Breakfast staples include Black Hills Bagels and the French omelets at Tally’s Silver Spoon. Aficionados of today’s coffeehouse culture will like Harriet & Oak (329 Main), with its tasty pastries and a VW bus parked between tables. The legendary Firehouse Brewing Company (with its signature Hook & Ladder soup & sandwich) has lots of outdoor seating. The list of diners keeps growing. Now there’s a Lakota-owned catering company called Etiquette Catering that offers picnics to-go of Native American and European favorites. Dakotah Steakhouse on the east side of the city has quickly gained a reputation as one of the West’s finest places to enjoy the top quality beef and bison raised on surrounding ranches.

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