This is Corn Country

South Dakota corn feeds the world. Farmers harvested 4.5 million acres in 2020, and the average of 162 bushels per acre set a new record. But did you know that our No. 1 cash crop also makes great art? If you don’t believe it, take a drive down Mitchell’s Main Street, where corn, grain and other native grasses have decorated the World’s Only Corn Palace since 1892. Twelve colors are specifically grown to create the murals, which are designed by Dakota Wesleyan University students enrolled in Kyle Herges’ Digital Media and Design course. Ears are nailed to the building one by one until the murals are finished, usually by October 1. The southeast is also home to the state hand corn picking contest, a throwback to the days before big harvesters. And, of course, corn can be a sweet treat. Pick up a dozen ears of sweet corn at almost any farmers market. It’s all pretty a-maize-ing.

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