Retrace the Hugh Glass Story

The survival story of Hugh Glass is immortalized in literature and movies, most recently in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant. Though the film has fictionalized elements (such as snow-capped peaks in Perkins County), it did leave viewers wondering how to visit the site of Glass’s confrontation with the grizzly. A stone and bronze monument marks the approximate spot where Glass began his 200-mile journey in 1823. Find it by driving south of Lemmon 13 miles on Highway 73 to Hugh Glass Road, then west about 3 miles. The monument is above Shadehill Reservoir, a scenic prairie with hunting, fishing, camping and hiking trails. The 5,000-acre lake was created in 1951 by a dam on the Grand River. Astrid Blumer runs a local restaurant and gathering spot. She is a delightful immigrant from Germany who welcomes travelers and locals alike. After The Revenant became popular, Lemmon citizens organized an annual Hugh Glass Rendezvous that grows in popularity every summer.

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