Writers, Artists, Musicians Telling the Story

Kathleen Norris’ popular book Dakota: A Spiritual Geography put Lemmon on the literary map. Contemplating the grass-filled landscapes that some see as emptiness, Norris wrote, “angels seem possible in the wind-filled expanse.” Today other regional artists are also interpreting life on the plains — including singer/songwriter Eliza Blue, who lives on a ranch near Bison, rancher/writer George Gilland of Timber Lake and hometown sculptor John Lopez who recently opened a gallery called the Kokomo Inn near the Petrified Wood Park on Main Street. Lopez’s art can be found as far away as France, but some of his best works remain in town — at the museum, the school and a downtown plaza. A new organization called the Placemakers Co-op organizes regular opportunities for local people to learn from artists and craftsmen. Townspeople also rallied to restore the Palace Theater, a city landmark that had fallen into disrepair. Today it’s a place for concerts, films and other cultural events.

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