Follow Lewis & Clark’s River Routes

The famed explorers went upriver in 1804 and returned through this country in 1806. Today, Highways 1804 (east side) and 1806 (west side) commemorate their explorations with an auto tour that has stretches of river views, Old West history and scenic landscapes. One of the most interesting segments is an hour-long drive on Highway 1806 from Lower Brule northward to Fort Pierre. The drive from Mobridge to Pollock on Highway 1804 also abounds with natural beauty. However, there are scenic and interesting backroads and historical treasures everywhere along the river so explore for yourself. Be sure to take an atlas or detailed map because GPS and Google sometimes get confused in this big landscape. Enjoy the small-town eateries. Some still serve German foods handed down through the generations, like schnitzel and sauerbraten.

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