River Street – An Entertainment District

You wouldn’t expect to find a Southern-style speakeasy in an Old West town, but Hot Springs is different that way. Bourbon- County Speakeasy has live music and a drink menu ranging from microbrews to a raspberry mule. A few steps away is Mornin’ Sunshine, a coffeehouse popular for breakfast burritos and a boutique on the second floor. A few blocks away, the new Wandering Bison coffee shop has already gained a local reputation for soups, sandwiches and lattes. Though corporate movie theaters struggle to survive in larger cities, the 1929 art deco Hot Springs Theatre has just been refurbished for classics and new releases. The theater and many of Hot Springs’ entertainment and dining gatherings are congregated along River Street (aka Highway 385, which brings you into town) and the surrounding downtown neighborhood. You’ll find a bakery, cafes, bars, restaurants and many pleasant surprises.

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