Hike the Fall River Freedom Trail

A city always becomes more interesting when you are afoot, especially if there’s a delightful footpath such as Hot Springs’ mile-long Freedom Trail. Like Boston’s famous Emerald Necklace, the trail connects the city’s parks. Unlike Boston’s Necklace, it follows a tiny river fed by an always-87 degrees thermal aquifer. You’ll share the paved trail with wildlife and waterfowl, so keep your dog on a tight leash if he’s a hunter. Brookside Park has a small wading area, though there are many opportunities to dip your toes in the warm water. Other delights along the way include a beautifully restored 1927 gazebo and a historic drinking fountain at Kidney Springs. The path winds beneath tall sandstone cliffs and a thin, wispy waterfall. For a stretch, it parallels River Street, the unique shopping district.

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