Hometown Artist John Lopez’s Travel Tips

John Lopez, a world-recognized artist, knows and loves his hometown. His favorite walking path is Blacktail Trail at Shadehill Reservoir, “a couple of miles of easy walking on a well-marked path.” Lopez says fans of Kathleen Norris may want to make a pilgrimage to Hope Church, which was a prominent part of her book Dakota: A Spiritual Geography. The church is southeast of Lemmon on the Keldron Road. Lopez recommends the cinnamon rolls and hot beef sandwiches at the Alaska Café, and also notes that the original founders of the cafe — two sisters who arrived from Alaska — have started a new eatery called the Red Barn Bakery with wonderful soups, bagels and sandwiches. Lopez’s Kokomo Gallery (open June through October) has samples of his iron art along with a gift shop with books and prints of his works.

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