Sea Turtles & Sharks in South Dakota?

You won’t need hooks or spear guns to snag a shark in South Dakota. All our sharks have been dead for about 65 million years. But the Museum of Geology on the SDSMT campus (501 St. Joseph) has the petrified remains of mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, giant lizards and other creatures. Exhibits include ancient, fossilized sea turtle nests, a pregnant oreodont and the complete skeleton of a titanothere. Rockhounds will love the mineralogy collections, including beautiful crystals from the Black Hills. Admission is free and the museum is staffed by friendly and smart university students who answer crazy questions with good humor. A funky gift shop has everything from t-shirts to thunder eggs. Kid’s Zone gives youth some hands-on opportunities at paleontology. As with all universities, parking can be a challenge when classes are in session, but this unusual museum is worth the effort.

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