Walleye Are Everybody’s Favorite

Some newcomers to the Missouri River valley wonder why everyone is walleye crazy. They are the folks who haven’t yet cast for South Dakota’s state fish. The walleye is a challenge for anglers — yet it’s a fish that anybody can catch, with a little luck and timing. It also ranks among the tastiest fish in the USA, especially when beer battered. Bass are also popular in the four reservoirs, along with perch, trout and many other species. There’s also a limited season for the paddlefish, a pre-historic creature that can grow to the size of a man. Some also like to drop stinky bait in river holes for giant catfish. The variety of experiences are many. Fun-loving guides are available in every river town, and they have boats and tack. But this is a river where anyone with a little luck and patience will get a bite, and there’s plenty of advice to be had at the bait shops and bars. The Missouri River is so big that most anglers don’t worry so much about keeping secrets on where to find the fish. 

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