Rapid City: Just Fun to be Around

By |March 11, 2021|Rapid City|

Rapid City has cool restaurants, a cold-water creek where you can fly fish for mountain trout and dinosaurs on a hill. It's a location that blends together Native American culture with ranching, history and the [...]

Plan on Four Meals a Day

By |March 11, 2021|Rapid City|

That’s the only way a visitor could begin to discover the huge mix of eateries in Rapid City. We counted around three dozen in the downtown area alone, not including fast food places (which should [...]

Petrified Wood Park is a Selfie Paradise

By |March 1, 2021|Lemmon|

Take a selfie in Lemmon’s Petrified Wood Park and everyone in your social media family will wonder about your whereabouts. The city’s signature attraction, dating to the 1930s, is a funky collection of petrified wood, [...]

A Town For All Who Love Cowboys

By |March 1, 2021|Lemmon|

If someone designed a town for the American cowboy, it would look a lot like Lemmon. The little city that straddles the border of the two Dakotas has just 1,200 citizens but it seems 10 [...]

Retrace the Hugh Glass Story

By |March 1, 2021|Lemmon|

The survival story of Hugh Glass is immortalized in literature and movies, most recently in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant. Though the film has fictionalized elements (such as snow-capped peaks in Perkins County), it did leave [...]

  • Welcome to Keystone

Welcome to Keystone … a Dynamite Town

By |February 23, 2021|Keystone|

Imagine you have a nice little farm community of friendly people who are busy growing corn and beans in the summer months. When winter comes, they catch up on chores and make plans for the [...]

  • Mount Rushmore

Make the Most of Rushmore

By |February 23, 2021|Keystone|

Mount Rushmore may be the main reason you’re here, so don’t gaze and then go away. There’s much to be found below the faces. Here are a few tips: 1) Sample the ice cream at [...]

  • Keystone

Enjoy the Mountain Architecture

By |February 23, 2021|Keystone|

Remember the old quip that dancer Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Rogers could do — and do it backwards in heels? That’s also true of people who create bridges, roads and buildings in rugged [...]